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Thomas Hase Selected Drama Portfolio
"The Hound of the Baskervilles": Indiana Repertory Theatre, 2015
"A Christmas Carol": , Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2014
"A Christmas Carol": , Syracuse Stage, 2013
"Sense And Sensibility":,Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2012
"Three Musketeers":, Cincinnati Playhouse, 2012
"Moby Dick":, Syracuse Stage, 2012
"Red": Syracuse Stage, 2012
"Turn of the Screw": Syracuse Stage, 2011
"Lombardi": Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 2011
"As You Like It": Cincinnati Playhouse, 2011
"The Clean House": , Syracuse Stage 2011
"The Piano Teacher":, Cincinnati Playhouse, 2011
"Speaking in Tongues": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2011
"A Midsummer Night's Dream": Univ. of Delaware, Delaware, 2010
"The History of Invulnerability": Cincinnati Playhouse, 2010
"The Seafarer": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2010
"Victoria Musica": Cincinnati Playhouse, 2009
"The Cherry Orchard":,Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2009
"Jekyll & Hyde": Repertory Theatre of St. Louis & Cincinnati Playhouse, 2009
"UP": Syracuse Stage, 2009
"The Travels of Angelica": Cincinnati Playhouse, 2009
"The Blond, The Brunette, and the Vengeful Redhead ": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2008
"Endgame": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2008

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"The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead":
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2008
"Othello": Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2007
"Cyrano": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2007.

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"Stone My Heart":, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2006
"Month in the Country":, Milwaukee Theater 2006
"Sueno":, Milwaukee Theater 2006
"A Doll's House":, Irish National Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 2005
"The Guardsman":, Alliance Theatre, 2005

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"Yes, No, Maybe So":, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2005
"A Doll's House": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2004
"Mary Stuart": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2003
"Richard III": Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2003
"One": Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2003
"The Smell Of The Kill": Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2003
"Copenhagen": Milwaukee Reperatory Theatre, 2003
"King Lear": Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2001
"Macbeth": People's Light & Theatre Company, Malvern, 2001

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